Quality & Innovation & Globalization, the slogan of COACE Chemical Company Limited. As it said, stability and precision become the characters of each member in COACE. 

Since 2009, born in the southeast of China, Xiamen Special Economic Zone, COACE started her journey in the plastic industry. 

With high intellectuals'team and advanced facilities, COACE focuses on the R&D and producing of the plastic additives. The factory owns 50,000 square-meter area and is equipped with eight modern extruding-pellets systems production lines, which ensure the annual capacity of ten thousand metric tons. The products cover compatibilizers, coupling agents, impact modifiers, and other functional additives.

As COACE’s knockout products, the Polypropylene and glass fiber compatibilizers, Polyamide tougheners, and plastic alloy compatibilizers help the company to predominate the national market in a short time, and developed the overseas market then. From Northeast Asian economic belt to North America, COACE’s products got the high evaluation from the markets.

In the past ten-year, COACE brought values to her customers, and in the following decades, even centuries, COACE aims to create values for you.


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