After nearly ten years of construction, COACE has a professional, dedicated and experienced team as follow :


Technical team

· COACE has a technical team composed of several full-time R&D engineers and several part-time university experts. The team leader is a senior engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in polymer polymerization and plastic modification, also he is one of the main inventors of a number of national invention patents. Some team members are experienced professionals who focus on the basics of chemical and polymer materials. It provides a strong guarantee for product innovation and continuous improvement.


Sales team

· It is a dynamic and experienced professional team led by professionals who have more than ten-year experience in plastics sales management, including the Internal Trade and the Foreign Trade department. Domestic trade practitioners have many years of experience in the plastics industry sales and materials related knowledge;The main members of the international trade team are all highly educated with master's degree or above.


Production management team

· This team is composed of experienced engineers and skilled workers. The main technical workers are there when the plant was established, so they all experienced craftsmen. Also the perfect QA system and quality management personnel provide a good guarantee for the output of stable-quality product.


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